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Summer Training is right around the corner! We can't wait to get started!

Here is what you need to know:

1. Training Jerseys are required.  
Your athlete was issued a training jersey at tryouts. This is the jersey he or she needs to wear toeverytraining. If you did not receive a jersey, please let your coach or team manager know and they will provide one to your athlete.

2. Be on time and ready!  
Athletes will get the most out of their training experience when they are dressed and ready to go at the start of training time. Send your athlete in proper gear (cleats specifically) so they are ready to play. Athletes also need to bring their own water and a ball. If you need to miss a training or will be late, please coordinate with your coaching staff privately.

3. Be compliant with COVID19 protocol.
If your athlete has the following symptoms, please keep him or her home:
*A temperature greater than 100.4F or less than 95F.
*A cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
*A positive test result for COVID19 in your home.

Park City Exteme Cup!
July 23-25

Heber Valley Training Academy - Summer 2020

The Heber Valley United Soccer Academy is a fun place for 4-10 year old youth soccer players of all skill levels to develop and improve basic soccer skills.  It is our goal to build confidence in each athlete. We strive to increase passion for the game by creating and an enjoyable learning environment. The focus at these ages are the basics of dribbling, kicking, sportsmanship, field boundaries, and directional play. We introduce proper technique when striking the ball, passing, shooting, and shielding. We challenge players with new ball control exercises such as using various surfaces of the foot. We look forward to a fun summer of soccer with your child!

Summer Session Dates:
Thursday June 25
Tuesday, June 30
Thursday July 2
Tuesday July 7
Thursday July 9
Tuesday July 14
Thursday July 16
Tuesday July 21
Tuesday July 28
Thursday July 30
Tuesday August 4
Thursday August 6

Click HERE to Register!

 Questions about Covid19???

To whom it may concern:

Thank you for your questions on COVID19 and reimbursements.  This is a common question and a difficult one to answer because it is hard to predict how we may be affected.  It's difficult to plan what the duration of a shutdown would be or if we'll be shut down at all.  I'll do my best to let you know how we are approaching it.  

When a player registers, there are UYSA dues and club dues.  The majority of the club dues go toward training.  The remainder is mostly used for equipment like balls, cones, paint for the fields, etc.  We believe that the club will be able to provide the planned quality and quantity of training even if we are not allowed to train in person for a time.  Summer training should begin next week and will continue through the fall.  We will train in the Rec Center during the winter months and will get back outside throughout the spring.  We can be flexible in our training and we feel confident that we should be able to provide our planned amount of training hours.  For example, if we are shut down in October, we could train more in December (a month we usually don't train).  Last year, even with a shutdown for part of March and April, we still were able to provide almost a comparable amount of training as the year before and included some virtual training during March and April.
UYSA dues are a large part of making the games happen.  We don't have control over this aspect as it is controlled by UYSA.  Last year UYSA cancelled spring games and they did not offer a reimbursement.  This year UYSA will refund league fees if there is no Fall or Spring season.

We are aware of the financial investment made for every player to join the club.  We took this into account as we prepared the new budget.  If we are not allowed to train for a long period of time, and can not provide near the training we are planning, we would like the budget to account for that. It is difficult to plan due to the unpredictable nature of what we face.  We are looking forward to a full and complete soccer year.

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